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*including consumption tax
*Registration(free)is necessary at the first visit.
*If you’re a student,present your school identification card.

for First Timers

  General Student
‘Hajimete’ Discount 2,700yen 2,200yen

*If you’ve never bouldering before,you have to choice this ‘Hajimete’ Discount.
*You can lean basic rules and tips in the basic lesson.
*It includes usage fee for 3 hours,rental of shoese/chalk and bassic lesson.

for Non-beginners

■Usafe Fees8(each visit/Free registration

  General Student
Day pass 2,000yen 1,500yen
1,000yen on Mens Day/Ladies Day
3hours 1,700yen 1,200yen
available Weekday/Night-time Discount 1,200yen
1hour 1,200yen 700yen
additional fee for excess per 30min 200yen 200yen
Rentals shose 300yen/chalk 200yen
■Usage Fees(advanced payment)
FREE PASS           General Student
FREE PASS30(1month/31days) 13,000yen 6,500yen
FREE PASS90(3month/92days) 33,100yen 16,550yen
FREE PASS180(6month/183days) 63,900yen 31,950yen
FREE PASS365(1year/365days) 124,800yen 62,400yen

*You cannot assign your FREE PASS to others.
*FREE PASS is not repayable.
*[FREE PASS 30]ONLY:Extention of validity period is available if the year-end and New Year holidays or non-business days(ex, for route setting)are included within period.

Prepaid Card         
Prepaid Card12000 12,000yen(1,200yen×11visits)
Prepaid Card117000 17,000yen(1,700yen×11visits)
Prepaid Card20000 20,000yen(2,000yen×11visits)

*Each prepaid card are valid 1 year(365days)from first use.
*prepaid card are not repayable.
*You can not use prepaid card in comnination with other discounts.
*You can not use prepaid card for purchasing goods.
*You can pay for additional usage charge in cash.
*You can not receive the difference for less expensive services than prepaid.

Rental box for clothes 1month(31days) 300yen



every Tuesday 1,000yen
/day for men
every Tuesday 1,000yen
/day for women
Weekday Discount* (for MON-FRI 10AM-6PM)
1,200yen/3 hours
Night-time Discount (for MON-FRI from 9AM or
SAT-SUN and holidays from 7PM)1,200yen
Refer-a-friend program*
When you bring your friend(s)
discount 200yen each
of you and your friend

*Weekday Discount Even if you enter later than 3PM,you may use untill 6PM.
*Refer-a-friend program When you(member) bring your friend(non-member) to become a member,we discount usage fees 200yen each of you and your friend.
Discounts for you(member) will be 200yen even if you bring multiple friends.
We can ONLY discout the usage feees on the same day.
If you use FREE PASS or Prepaid Card on the day,you can not accept this discount.