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November 2022 Monthly Challenge, 360 people listed on the check sheet! S

January monthly, as I think you already know, it is full of rock taste with a thin one. Please try it!

Well, I will announce the lottery results.

1st prize Your favorite climbing shoes
kojikoji san

2nd Prize Original T-shirt

3rd class all-day ticket
Mario san


Well, the winning probability has nothing to do with the number of climbs. Those who write their names have an equal chance.
The number 1 assignment is about the 5th grade, so it’s gamba! !

In the beta, I hope that you will enjoy the new challenges in the monthly challenges, and you will be able to see your growth in the tape challenges that have a long set cycle. Monthly assignments have a slightly different taste than tape assignments, such as dynamic assignments, so please give it a try!

You can choose your favorite shoes from Scarpa, Sportiva, Unparallel, Mad Rock, and Black Diamond.

If you are a winner, please let us know when you come to the store or by phone, email, etc. by the end of January. After that, it will be disabled.