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ベータクライミングジム|月間スケジュール 2023年3月

The beginner session “Beginner session in english” that started in February has suddenly come to a halt! “Oh my God.” Kikuchi, who was in charge, got injured.
I’m hoping that it won’t take too long to return.

Two main events in March

1)Spring Dry Touring Festival
Let everyone know about dry touring and enjoy it!
We will make it an event that even those who have not done dry touring can enjoy!

For ice climbers, as an off-season activity,
Strongly recommend dry touring! !

2) 2F renewal
To be honest, I’m sorry to say that Mr. Dai Oyamada’s problemst was extremely popular. .
But move forward! I will do my best to make the second floor a better wall.
looking forward to! !

In addition, in Outdoor Crag session, Mr. J.Nakamura of the Buna no Kai supported us.
We are starting a crack practice meeting. March is the 21st (Tuesday/holiday)!

Dry tooling is introductory, session, practice meeting ⇒ revised “top rope session”.
Beta’s dry tooling can only be climbed vertically in the “Top Rope Session“.
Also come here! !

Then there is maintenance.
It’s important for nails and finger skin, climbers.
The whole body of course.
We encourage you to visit us regularly.

Nail/Sashikawa Consultation by Athlete Nail
We are scheduled for 15 (Wed) this month.
If you have a problem such as cracked finger skin, please come and visit us!
In addition, we sell all-in-one moisturizing gel AND, beta special price.
It’s getting colder and colder these days. . Take good care of your fingertips! “Moisturize first!”
Yuita Sono Body Maintenance
We are scheduled for 8 (Wed) and 22 (Wed) this month.
●We will help you build a body that is easy to climb with acupressure and taping suitable for each person!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any worries or fatigue from climbing or daily work.
All include time for counseling and self-care training.
・ Shiatsu 2,000 yen ⇒ First time discount 1,500 yen
・ Shiatsu + taping 2,500 yen ⇒ First time discount 2,000 yen
・ Shiatsu + 5 minutes 500 yen (up to 10 minutes possible)
・ Taping only 500 yen
Business hours change
March 21 (Tuesday/holiday) 8:00-23:00

Other normal business.
Weekdays 10:00-23:00
Saturday 8:00-23:00
Sundays and public holidays 8:00 to 20:00

Sotoiwa lead multi practice session
This month, it will be held at Tennoiwa for the first time in a while.
It’s already getting warmer, isn’t it?
Indoor lead climbing beginner class

Introduction to indoor multi-pitch climbing

Introduction to dry tooling
This month, the “Spring Dry Touring Festival” will be held by Mr. Junko and Ms. Haruko Takeuchi.
Please listen to various things around it!
The introductory class will be held on Wednesday, March 8th.
Read more about dry tooling beginners

Dry to0ling top rope session practice session
I will do it again this month. The only opportunity to do dry tooling vertical climbing in Beta.
Scheduled to be held on 3/16 (Thursday)
Learn more about dry tooling top rope sessions

Dry Touring Session
Maybe because it’s ice cream season, there are a lot of participants these days. Thank you!
But actually, it’s more effective to practice throughout the year than to practice just before. This month is. Scheduled to be held on 2/27
Read more about dry tooling sessions

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