March 29, 2023 2F Full Renewal The END

Late report. The full renovation of the 2nd floor was completed at the end of March.
Beta’s Shun, Kite, and 4 guests set it up. I think it has become a unique and worthwhile wall!
Please enjoy!

I would like to introduce four guest setters, Mr. Naoki Shimatani, Mr. Yuya Kitae, Mr. Ryoga Tsukada, and Mr. Tomohiro Motegi.
Introduction: Kite

Naoki Shimatani
Needless to say, the person in charge of Rokudo’s holding power has come! As I had envisioned, they created a number of challenges that emphasized maintenance, but they also showed us their strength to climb the two most difficult stages of 120° with one try.

Ryoga Tsukada
Bouldering Japan Tour 2021 1st place
Bouldering Japan Cup 2022 Semifinalist

We invited this person who is in great demand as a setter in competitions, advanced to the BJC semi-finals as a player, and is strong in both making and climbing!
Many of you may have known about his bad legs in the previous 1F set. There are a lot of challenges that can’t be climbed if you can’t step on this time. If you climb, your legs will surely improve!

Tomohiro Motegi
I invited this person who had an impression of competitive subjects such as Marboo, TSS, and Young Gun. I get the impression that there are many challenges in Beta where his physicality, which is his characteristic, becomes important. There are many assignments for comfortable moves, so if you want to climb hard, you may want to try it!

Yuya Kitae
Former Deputy Manager of UNDERGROUND
I think there are many people who have a strong image of what they look like in UNDERGROUND and their activities as players. On the day of the set, the sight of him climbing up the high grade crisply while saying, “I just cracked my finger the other day lol” was just a word.
I made a challenge that is dynamic and makes me think about moves!

March 1, 2023 1F Full Renewal The END

March 1, 2023 1F Full Renewal The END

2023/3/1 The 1st floor renovation has been completed.

This time, we welcomed Tomoya Ishiwata and Keita Doi as guests, and set up with Beta’s Shun and Kaito.

At the beginning of the set, the atmosphere was quiet, but as the test climbs continued, they understood each other better and seemed to be enjoying the set.
As for Dohike, after the set, I enjoyed the problemst of Dai Oyamada on the 2nd floor.

We think you’ve come up with an interesting challenge. Enjoy everyone!

Tomoya Ishiwata
@Forge.Bouldering store manager

Mr. Watamoya, who is familiar with the TNFC set, also produces holds. Mr. Watamoya’s problems is difficult to decipher at first glance, but once you get into it, you get the impression that it will lead you. What do you think?
We hope you enjoy the unique positional instability!

Former Base Camp Tokyo store manager
現在 Forge Bouldering store manager
Ena Passion V12
Yugawara・Zion Gate
MIzugaki・Kudo V12

Tomoya Ishiwata
Tomoya Ishiwata

Keita Dohi
Bouldering Japan national team
Athletes for the Paris Olympics
Many people may think of this person as competition slabwall.
Nicknamed “Dohike” and has many fans, Doi’s footwork was nothing short of amazing during the set!
We have a strong image of a competition, but perhaps because we are also energetically engaged in activities on rocky grounds, we feel that there were many challenges that required delicacy in dynamic movements.

Ena・Tokoyo V14
Drink the sea V13
BJC 2022 2nd place,Many other competition awards

Keita Dohi
Keita Dohi

1F renewal


2023.2.27-3.1 1F will be completely renewed.

Sorry for the notice just before.
During the period, 1F is not available, but 2F and 3F are available as usual.

The setters are Beta, Shun, and Kite.
Mr. Tomoya Ishiwata and Mr. Keita Doi will be invited as guests.The setters are Beta,

We will introduce the two of you in detail later.

Stay tuned for new problems! !

1F セットのお知らせ 12/1~3 2F・3Fは通常営業しております

12/1(日)8時 ~3(火)夜、1Fのセットを行います。





最高グレード 三段+ V11
国体山岳競技 6回出場
ジャパンカップボルダリング 準決勝進出
ジャパンカップリード 準決勝進出




昨年、伴奏者(四段+),不眠症(五段), Rampage(四段),Rampagista(五段)と高難易度を短期間で登っています。


2F 強傾斜壁を全面セットしました

2F (110°/120°/160°/140°)全面セットしました。