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Welcome to BETA! We design our gym to fit for any purposes and any type of user. We hope the gym will grow with the needs of users. Create ‘your’ own gym.


Entrance/Climbing Area 1 (1st floor)

Perpendicular/Low-pitched Walls for Beginners

Front Desk: Please sign up and register at first.

We have lockers for valuables available.

SCARPA Climbing shoes are available for rent.

Left walls: 95°/100°/90°
Right wall: 80° slab

Walls are 14ft high.

grade table: If you’re a beginner, start with navy tapes.

Climbing Area 2 (2nd floor)

Range of Walls for Expert Climbers


You can get the hardest courses marked with pink tapes.

Walls on 2nd floor are also 14ft high.

There is a horizontal roof at the back.

Change Rooms/Resting Corner (3rd floor)

Cozy and Comfortable

There is a Men’s room on left side, and a Womens’ on right side.

This place can be used for resting or eating, warming up.

Anyone may use yoga mats and stretch poles available.

shower facility for feet/ wash-hand basin