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[BETA introduction video] Please press the refresh button above (There is sound, so please be careful of the volume).

Special Thanks:Takuma Fujimoto(Drone&Edit)/Daisuke Nishiyama(Cast&Management)/Chikage Kimura(Cast)

[BETA introduction video] Please press the refresh button above (There is sound, so please be careful of the volume).

Special Thanks:Daisuke Nishiyama(Drone&Edit)/Makoto Osawa(360° VR images)

Facilities Introduction

1F: Entrance and climbing area (low angle walls)

Even beginners can climb comforably on walls ranging from slab (low angle) to overhanging

The reception counter. Please register as a member here on your first visit to the gym.

Lockers for valuables are located near the reception counter.

The rental shoes are Scarpa Force shoes.

On the first floor, there are many walls and boulder problems (routes). Looking from the front door, on the left side, the wall angles are 95°, 100°, and 90° (overhanging).
Opposite (on the right side), there is an 80° degree slab wall.

The wall height is 4.3 meters. It is satisfying to climb!

The grading chart shows the difficulty of each route by tape color. Beginners can start from the routes marked with dark blue colored tape.

2F: Climbing area (Overhanging walls)

Incredible variation in overhanging walls!

Starting from the left, the angles of the walls on the second floor are 110°, 120°, 160°, and 140°.

On the second floor, there are problems (routes) up to the difficulty level of 2 dan (V8:marked with pink tape).

The wall height on the second floor is also 4.3 meters.

In the back, there is a roof (very steep overhang) section.

3F: Climbing area (lead climbing wall/mantle wall), changing rooms, and a free space

Preperation and practice for outdoor climbing can be done here. On the half level above the third floor (3.5F), there is a free space that can be used for stretching.

★A detailed introduction to the third floor can be found here.
※Sometimes, short training courses are offered by guides on the third floor. These courses are free for guides.
※If you plan on using the Shinjuku Face/Akebono Boulder on the third floor, please check the 3F/3.5F calandar for reservations and expected crowds before coming.

Akebono boulder can be used to practice the transition from overhang to mantle.

Spread out the bouldering mats before climbing.

Shinjuku Face is the wall for practicing lead climbing, belaying, multi-pitch climbing techniques, risk management, etc.

Of course, you can enjoy top rope climbing or lead climbing these problems (routes).

There is also crack climbing!

There are also routes for use with ice tools (rentals available).

There are workshops held on a variety of topics, such as rope climbing, bouldering, and dry tooling.
→ A list of workshops can be found here.

You can practice using ice axes and ice tools.
→ The details of the terms of use, etc, can be found here.

On floor F3.5, there is a spacious free space. It can be used for stretching and taking breaks.

The changing rooms. The men’s changing room is on the left, and the women’s is on the right.

Beta Climbing Gym is a gym open to everyone, regardless of purpose or level.

Those who want to lose weight, those who want to reduce stress, hardcore boulderers, alpine climbing enthusiests, sport climbers, beginners, experts, returning climbers… there is no end to the examples; I want everyone to enjoy climbing at Beta. “Beta” also has the meaning “prototype.” Beta Climbing Gym is still in a “prototype state,” because it is a gym that we all make together. If having fun at Beta Climbing Gym can give rise to something new, I’m happy. (Ozawa Yasushi, owner)