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Indoor (in beta) training session

Paid workshop using boulder walls on [1F/2F] of Beta, Shinjuku face and Akebono boulders on [3F]

First time pack plus reservation required
Bouldering beginner training will be carefully done in a set of 4 times

Kids bouldering class reservation required
A school for elementary school students and preschool children. Elementary school students are held according to purpose “fan” “sports” “English”.

Personal lesson/group lesson reservation required
Customized bouldering lessons for individuals and groups

Monthly Labo Held every month Reservation required
We will explain moves and give advice using monthly assignments that change every month.

Introduction to multi-pitch [before] [after] two-part system held monthly reservation required
Indoor learning about multi-pitch systems and safety management

Lead Climbing Beginners Seminar [Before] [After] Two-part system Held monthly Reservation required
Learn the basics of route climbing, including how to climb on a lead and how to belay safely

Boulder mantle training course reservation required
At Sotoiwa Boulder, we will teach you the tips for the essential move “Mantle Gaeshi” indoors.

Abpelling class held monthly, reservation required
Please use this course to acquire the correct knowledge of rappelling and to rappel safely.

Climbing course using ATC as an ascender Held monthly Reservation required
This method is relatively easy to set up and the transition from climbing back to rappelling is smooth.

ATC training held monthly, reservation required
This is a seminar to learn about the wonders of the all-purpose device ATC and to make full use of its functions.

Order rope training reservation required
This is a rope training course for beginners where you can choose the course content.

Introduction to dry tooling held monthly by reservation
A workshop for dry touring inexperienced people and beginners. Explanation of tools and moves and practical training

Dry tooling top rope session held monthly, reservation required
The only event in beta where you can climb vertically with an axe! For dry and ice practice!

Doratu Dojo Monthly Reservation Required
A dojo for those who aim to improve their dry touring skills and those who want to improve.

Dry touring session with professional ice climber Megumi Yaginae, held monthly, reservation required
Professional ice climber Nae Yagi gives advice to beginners and intermediate-advanced ice climbers!

[Free] Practice session

Rope practice session (Monday, 13:00-19:00-)
Any rope work practice such as lead, multi, self-rescue, etc.

Beginner session in English (Monday, 7:00pm)
Session in English by Mr. Kikuchi

Climbers Care

Nail and finger skin consultation meeting

Nail and finger skin consultation meeting (held monthly)
Free consultation. Tips for improving retention!
Person in charge: Athlete nail Mai Masuhara

Body maintenance

Body maintenance (2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month)
Shiatsu, taping, care methods, etc.
Person in charge: Yuitaso

Beta Climbing Gym Seminar・A-yoga × PT

A-yoga × PT (reservation)
Basic body training using yoga movements
Lecturer: Ayumi

Outdoor training course

Courses held at natural rocky areas, mountains, etc.

Outer Rock Lead Climbing [Super beginner practice session] [Practice session] Held monthly
Climbing practice session using a rope on an outside rock. [Practice session for super beginners] and [Practice session] for experienced climbers with almost no climbing experience. Climb using the basic top rope.

Outdoor weekday climbing club held monthly
I can’t find a partner! There’s no one to go with me! We will solve the problems of weekday climbers!

Sotoiwa multi-pitch climbing practice meeting held monthly
A practice session whose main purpose was to confirm the multi-pitch climbing system. Participants teamed up to pitch 4 pitches. The instructor will check safety.

Outside rock crack climbing practice session held monthly
For beginners in crack climbing, climb using the top rope.

Outer rock bouldering course
Targeted at beginners and those with no experience in bouldering at Sotoiwa.

Ice climbing course (introductory/step-up course)
For those with no ice climbing experience or beginners, climb with the top rope.

Toiwa dry touring experience session
An event for those who want to try drytooling outdoor, beginners welcome.

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