[Dry touring] Outdoor crag session meeting held 5/13-14


We held a dry tooling outdoor crag session event.
Like last year, two World Copper members, JUNKO-sensei and Masato-san, acted as instructors.

On the first day, I changed the schedule and went to Futakuchi Gorge.
Since it was a small group, Mr. Masato took a photo from above.
That’s the first picture. Haven’t you seen it? This scheme. yes! It is a picture of the movie Alpinist!
It’s cool, isn’t it ~.
I enjoyed 3 routes on the top rope. One of them is on the lead.

Lacquer is a route pioneered by Mr. Masato, and is a practice exercise for placing your feet.
surely. . A route that can not be climbed unless you firmly decide your feet.

■ Climbed route
Dengeki Groove (D8*)
Lacquer -URUSHI- D7
Tyrant lower part (D6 *)

On the second day, a crag near Sendai.
I enjoyed 3 routes on the top rope.
This route is a solid sport route that is different from crampons training.
It’s tough. It seems that the first outdoor dry tooling has been baptized.

The gym can’t do it.
Ax switching, long and short. Even if you observe, another hold from the first hand…
After receiving a lecture from Mr. JUNKO about it, I tried again.
Mr. Masato advised, “Feel the expression of the rock!”
I can’t feel it…

It seemed like a good experience.

■ Climbed route
Small hanging root D6
Tsubasa D7
Komachi D8

The next event will be June 3rd and 4th.
Let’s enjoy Sotoiwa Dry!
Beta climbing gym|outdoor crag session drytooling
Beta climbing gym|outdoor crag session drytooling

Beta climbing gym|outdoor crag session drytooling
Beta climbing gym|outdoor crag session drytooling
Beta climbing gym|outdoor crag session drytooling
Beta climbing gym|outdoor crag session drytooling
Beta climbing gym|outdoor crag session drytooling
Beta climbing gym|outdoor crag session drytooling

[Outdoor] Dry tooling experience @Sendai 5/13-14 6/3-4


Everyone who participated in Spring Drama, everyone who enjoys indoor dry touring, and those who enjoy dry What is touring like? ? And don’t you care! ? ?
In response to such requests, we will hold an event where you can experience dry touring on the rocks this year as well as last year!
Twice this year, in May and June.


Date: May 13 (Sat) to 14 (Sun), 2023
   June 3 (Sat) to 4 (Sun), 2023

Location: Rocky area near Sendai
Meeting and dissolution: Sendai City, Sakunami Station
Target: Indoor dry tooling experience, ice climbing experience
* If you are inexperienced, please take an indoor class at Beta (Introduction to dry tooling・/beta-climbing.com/lesson/yaginae/”>Dry Tooling Session) and you’re good to go.

*Beta registration is required in advance.
*It is necessary to take out insurance that covers ax climbing
*Dry tooling on crag areas is climbing with a high degree of strength. It can be enjoyed by those who can climb about 5.10b ~ c in the free climbing of the outdoor crag.

[Details] Top rope climbing on the sport’s dry Tooling route
The staff hangs the top rope, and the participants climb with the top rope.
Precautions for safe dry touring in rocky areas, lectures on how to climb, etc.
[Capacity] 10 people (minimum 7 people)
[Instructor] Junko Sasakawa (Mr. Junko, who is currently in charge of dry tooling in beta) / Masato Nakajima (I was in charge of the route set and workshop for the spring drama)
[Participation fee] 16,500 yen (tax included) per day (33,000 yen for 2 days)
Not included in cost
Food expenses, transportation expenses to the site, accommodation expenses, insurance fees, rental fees (1 item 1000 yen)

Cancellations are accepted at any time, but a cancellation fee (100% of the participation fee) will be charged if canceled on the day before or on the day.
Please pay the participation fee at the beta store (cash, credit, PayPay, d payment, merpay, auPay, various electronic money, etc.) or cash on the day.
*Although it is scheduled to go ahead even if it rains, it may be canceled in the event of heavy storms such as typhoons. In that case, the participation fee will be refunded.
* If you are not a beta member, you need to register as a member. By the day, please come to the store and register as a member, or pre-registration Please complete . If you have pre-registered, please email us your pre-registration number.

climbing helmet
Ax → Handle type ax. Please prepare a pick for dry tooling.
Climbing shoes → We recommend shoes that are large enough to be worn for a long time. 
*If you want to climb with flute boots or winter shoes + crampons, please prepare them.
Gloves → Leather golf gloves are recommended. A size that fits as close as possible. It’s good to have 2 pairs because you will sweat
rain gear
Action food, drink.
[Equipment that can be rented]
climbing helmet
climbing shoes
*Please have your size matched at the gym in advance.
Day 1 9:10 JR Senzan Line/Sakunami Station meeting by car/walking
    10:00~16:00 Climbing
    17:00 Dissolution at Sakunami Station

Accommodation will hold a social gathering for those who wish.

2nd day 9:10 JR Senzan Line/Meet at Sakunami Station by car/on foot
    10:00~16:00 Climbing
    17:00 Dissolution at Sakunami Station
[Transportation] Please choose the convenient way
1) Arrange your own car, train, etc.
2) Staff vehicle sharing (please bear the round-trip transportation fee of 16,000 yen)

*By train
If you take the JR Shinkansen Hayabusa No. 1 bound for Shin-Hakodate Hokuto from Tokyo Station at 06:32 on the same day, you will arrive at Sakunami Station at 9:01.
*By car
Please meet at Sakunami Station. After that, move and park in the free parking lot near the site.
*In the case of staff car sharing
Beta will depart around 2:00 am.

Please contact us if you would like to stay in the same inn as the staff.
Accommodation expenses will be calculated at actual cost.
[In case of cancellation] We may decide to cancel due to circumstances such as weather. In case of cancellation, we will contact you by e-mail or telephone by 19:00 the day before.
When applying, please be sure to enter a phone number and email address that can be contacted on the day before and on the day. In case of cancellation, the participation fee will be fully refunded.

Sign Up

If you would like to participate, please contact the beta store, call or email .

Beta Climbing Gym Outdoor Event Participation Terms before participating.
▼Please tell us the following when in-store, by phone, or by e-mail.
1. Desired date of participation
2. Your name
3. Date of birth
4. Phone number (Please write the number where you can be contacted on the day)
5. Participation date 5/13/14 6/3/4 (both days or either one)
6. Beta member or non-member (Please write which one. If you are a non-member, please also write your pre-registration number.)
7. Gear rental or (Please write either)
8.Transportation or (Please write which one)
9. Accommodation or or (Please write one)
▼For e-mail: Please send an e-mail with the following address, subject, and text.
◆ E-mail address: info@beta-climbing.com
*Please replace the @ (at mark) with half-width characters.
◆ Email subject: [Sotoiwa] Request to participate in dry touring experience
For those who have applied, we will send you an e-mail from Beta Climbing Gym at a later date. If you do not receive a reply within 1-2 days after sending the participation application email, please call beta.

※※※※Please understand that climbing is dangerous before participating※※※※
Please fully understand that climbing always involves danger and participate at your own risk. Unexpected things like chipping of rocks can also happen, especially in natural rocky areas. A little carelessness can lead to serious accidents. During the course, please follow the instructions of the instructor and staff, and do not neglect safety management regardless of whether you are climbing or taking a break.

[Deadline] The deadline will be closed as soon as the application reaches the capacity.




[募集中] 第40回 3月21日(日曜) 武蔵五日市・天王岩 もしくは 日向和田・カーネルロック
[募集中] 第41回 3月25日(木曜) 湯河原・幕岩
[募集中] 第42回 3月30日(火曜) 湯河原・幕岩






【場所】湯河原・幕岩 CLIMBING-netのサイト


【場所】天王岩 CLIMBING-netのサイト


【場所】カーネルロック CLIMBING-netのサイト


【同行スタッフ】小澤保志(ベータオーナー)/ 新倉真由美(やまねクラブ)



例えば、2名の場合お一人 15000円(税別)、3名の場合お一人 10000円(税別)
必須 : クライミングシューズ、クライミング用ヘルメット、ハーネス、チョーク、飲み物、昼食、防寒着
任意 : トポ(ルート図)、クイックドロー(1本)、レジャーシート


◆メール件名:〇/〇 【場所】リード初心者練習会申し込み
   例 「3/30 【湯河原・幕岩】リード初心者練習会申込」 ←〇には月日、【】内には開催場所を記入してください