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These terms and conditions stipulate the content that must be complied with when participating in outdoor events hosted by Beta Climbing Gym.
Climbing is a dangerous sport. Please read this agreement carefully and participate in the event after understanding and agreeing to its contents.
If you do not agree, we will refuse your participation in the event.

Article 1 Purpose of the Terms
1. This agreement stipulates the content that participants and Beta Climbing Gym must comply with when participating in outdoor events planned and operated by Beta Climbing Gym (sponsor/Moasis Co., Ltd.).
Article 2 Outdoor event
1. An outdoor event is an outdoor event planned and operated by Beta Climbing Gym where participants can enjoy and try outdoor climbing.
2. The contents of the event are bouldering, lead climbing, crack climbing, multi-pitch climbing, ice climbing, and dry-tooling.
3. The scope of the event is limited to outdoor activities at the venue, and transportation to the venue and accommodation are not included in the event. Please make your own arrangements.
Article 3 Participation Qualifications
1. Participants must be 18 years of age or older.
2. It is assumed that you have sufficient skills and knowledge to participate in outdoor events.
3. Those who are not in good health on the day of participation cannot participate. Those who have cold symptoms such as fever and cough, those who have not fully healed from broken bones or injuries, those who are under the influence of alcohol, those who are not comfortable exercising, etc.
Article 4 Insurance subscription
1. In order to participate in the event, please be sure to purchase accident insurance suitable for the content of the event.
2. Outdoor climbing must be covered for all outdoor events. In addition, for dry-tooling and ice climbing, ax climbing and snow mountain climbing must be covered. 
Article 5 Crags Rules
1. Observe the rules and manners of the crag area where the event is held, and use it in consideration of local climbers and land owners.
2. Be aware that parking lots, toilets, taking garbage home, using fire, etc. differ for each crag area.
3. Strive to protect the environment by brushing after use.
Article 6 Ensuring safety
1. Beta Climbing Gym, the organizer of the event, instructors and participants will act with the safe operation of the event in mind.
2. If the safety of the event is hindered due to weather or other circumstances, the event may be canceled at the discretion of the organizer.
2. Please follow the instructions of the event organizer. If you do not follow the instructions, or if the event organizer determines that it is dangerous or hinders the operation of the event, you will be asked to leave. In that case, the event participation fee will not be refunded.
Article 7 Liability of Beta Climbing Gym
1. If the organizer causes damage to a participant during the event due to negligence, the operator will be responsible for compensating for the damage.
However, this does not apply if the event is caused by an event that cannot be avoided by the efforts of the operator, such as a natural disaster, bad weather, or social variation.
Article 8 Responsibilities of Participants
1. Outdoor climbing is a very dangerous activity. In the unlikely event that an accident, injury, damage, etc. occurs during the event, the participant will be responsible.
However, this does not apply if the event organizer is grossly negligent.
Article 9 Others
1. Please prepare clothes and safety equipment according to the activity. (Long sleeves/long pants, helmets, gloves, mats, etc./will be announced for each event)
2. If there are any changes in the environment, such as breakage of the hold, please notify the organizer.
Article 10 Revision of Terms
1. Beta Climbing Gym may revise these Terms at any time as necessary. If revised, the date of revision will be indicated at the end of these Terms.
2. Participants shall approve to that effect in advance.

Established May 29, 2022