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[3F] This is a rope workshop at the lead wall/Shinjuku face. You can customize the content of the course. We have several options available, but please contact us if you would like something that is not in the options. It can be held individually or in a group.
[Date and time]
It will be decided after consultation, but the following days and times are easy to hold.
 Tuesday 10:00-18:00
 Fridays 18:00-23:00
 Thursday 10:00-18:00

Outdoor events are often held on weekends and holidays, but can be held in case of rain.

[Contents and required time]
1) Belay (lead belay) (1 hour)
2) Rappelling (1 hour)
3) Temporary fixation/back climbing (1.5 hours)
4) Fulcrum construction (multi-pitch) / follow (second) belay (1.5 hours)
5) Fulcrum construction (top rope)/replacement (1.5 hours)
6) Lead climbing beginners course (4 hours)
7) Introduction to multi-pitch climbing (5 hours)
*6) and 7) have the same content as the courses held on other days of the week.
Please feel free to contact us as we can also carry out content other than the above.
For example, self-belay for safely passing through chains, knowledge and skills necessary for leading outside rocks, self-rescue, etc. You can also arrange multiple items.
Also, please feel free to contact us regarding group classes, dates and times.
[Minimum number of participants]
Lessons from one person are also okay
[Course fee]
Price per person
1) ~ 2) 3300 yen each (tax included) 3) ~ 5) 4950 yen each (tax included) 6) 9900 yen (tax included) 7) 12100 yen (tax included)

About participation

If you would like to participate, please apply at the beta store, by phone, or by email.
▼For e-mail: Please send an e-mail with the following address, subject, and text.
◆ E-mail address: info@beta-climbing.com
*Please replace the @ (at mark) with half-width characters.
◆ Email subject: 〇/〇 [Rope] Order course application
Example: “4/2 [Rope] Application for order course” ←Please fill in the month and day
◆E-mail text: Please write the following 1. to 7.
1. Your name
2. Gender
3. Date of birth
4. Phone number (Please write the number where you can be contacted on the day)
5. Beta member or non-member (Please write which one. If you are a non-member, please also write your pre-registration number.)
6. Desired start time
7. Contents of the course (select from below)
1) Belay
2) Rappelling
3) Temporary fixation/climbing back
4) Fulcrum construction (multi-pitch)
5) Fulcrum construction (top rope) / replacement
6) Lead climbing beginners workshop
7) Introduction to multi-pitch climbing
8) Others (please specify)

*If you are applying as a group, please include the names of other participants.

For those who have applied, we will send you an e-mail from Beta Climbing Gym at a later date. If you do not receive a reply within 1-2 days after sending the participation application email, please call beta.