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Beta climbing gym | May 2024 Monthly Challenge starts!

The May 2024 Monthly Challenge has begun! There are 10 challenges on the 1st floor and 20 challenges on the 2nd floor, for a total of 30 challenges.
Due to the complete renewal of this month’s monthly challenge, there are fewer challenges on the 1st floor, making them a little more difficult.

It is easy to climb around No. 1 to 3, and after that it is quite challenging to climb. It might be a little quirky, though. .

Climb, get stronger, and get your shoes!

⭐︎ For those who haven’t tried it yet, it’s different from tape assignments! “The grade is about level 5.”
⭐︎If you touch number 1 and feel that it is difficult, please touch up to number 4! “Number 4 may be easier than number 1.”
⭐︎ If you have only touched the 1st floor, please climb the 2nd floor and write it on the list! “Your chances of winning will be doubled.”

Please enjoy this month as well! !
■ Monthly Challenge Present
1st prize Climbing shoes of your choice (Choose from Scarpa/Unparallel/Sportiva/Mudrock/Black Diamond)
2nd Prize Original T-shirt
3rd class all-day ticket