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There were 396 people listed on the monthly challenge check sheet in February 2023.
Oh my God, 4 more people and 400 people… I should have been able to do it somehow. I should have made an announcement on the last day…I was so busy with everything that I didn’t have time to look at the list.

Thank you so much for taking on the challenge!

We asked Mr. Yuya Kitae and Mr. Tomohiro Motegi, the guest setters of the 1F renewal, for the shoe lottery!
Well, this time it was a miraculous result that the first prize was number 101 and the second prize was number 100!
I posted a video of the lottery on Instagram, so please check it out!

Well, I will announce the lottery results.

1st prize Your favorite climbing shoes
Ogino san

2nd Prize Original T-shirt
Kosuge san

3rd class all-day ticket
Tachibana san


Mr. Tachibana, who won the 3rd prize, seems to have won the 1st prize and 2nd prize before. !
Winning 1st prize 3 times, winning as a couple, and so on, there are many interesting things that happen~, what’s next? “I’m looking forward to it!”

Well, the winning probability has nothing to do with the number of climbs. Those who write their names have an equal chance.
The number 1 assignment is about the 5th grade, so it’s gamba! !

In the beta, I hope that you will enjoy the new challenges in the monthly challenges, and you will be able to see your growth in the tape challenges that have a long set cycle. Monthly assignments have a slightly different taste than tape assignments, such as dynamic assignments, so please give it a try!

You can choose your favorite shoes from Scarpa, Sportiva, Unparallel, Mad Rock, and Black Diamond.

If you are a winner, please let us know when you come to the store or by phone, email, etc. by the end of April. After that, it will be disabled.

Number of climbs completed in February

Total number of climbs completed in 2023 As of the end of February


Entry form 2F