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ベータクライミングジム クライマーズケア | ボディメンテナンス

Sorry for the late notice! !
This month will be held 1 times, tomorrow 12 (Wed).
Let’s maintain your body once a month! !

Date in April

5/10 (Wed), 24 (Wed)

Climber x Judo therapist

As a climber, I understand the worries of the climber’s body.

●We will help you build a body that is easy to climb with shiatsu and taping that suits each person!

●Please feel free to contact us if you are tired or worried about rhyming or daily work.


All include time for counseling and self-care training.

・ Shiatsu 2,000 yen ⇒ First time discount 1,500 yen
・ Shiatsu + taping 2,500 yen ⇒ First time discount 2,000 yen
・ Shiatsu + 5 minutes 500 yen (up to 10 minutes possible)
・ Taping only 500 yen