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Beta Climbing Gym | Monthly Challenge ・Climbing shoes present

In April’s Monthly Challenge, we gave the first prize of our favorite shoes to Mr. Hama. congratulations!
#Sportiva #Miura VS #sportiva #miuravs
“New Miura vs. cool!
I only came once and it hit me…
thank you! Now I’m off to climb the outer rocks. ”

Win on your first visit!  You’re so cute!
Enjoy the upcoming Sotoiwa season at Miura!

Mr. Kojikoji, who was elected last year, is waiting for the soup up ~.
Come visit us when it’s convenient for you!

Recently, there have been months where the number of entries has not reached 400 people. .
If we exceed 400 people, we will give away shoes to 2 people.
Please come and enter!
The entry method for the gift lottery is easy.
Just complete the monthly assignments and write your name and check on the check sheet.
The number of completed entries has nothing to do with the probability of winning. If you write on both 1F and 2F, the probability of winning is doubled.
The climbing shoes you can choose are Scarpa, Sportiva, Unparallel, Mad Rock, Black Diamond, and any other climbing shoes available in Japan!
If you haven’t tried the monthly assignment yet, please give it a try.