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Beta Climbing Gym Climber's Care | Body Maintenanc

Body maintenance in October is 2 times, 8 (Wednesday) and 22 (Wednesday).

The treatment will be performed in the 3F loft, free space.
Until 18-21 pm.
When I’m not working, I’m climbing Yuitaso, so please feel free to talk to me!

Yuitaso was suffering from wrist pain that was thought to be caused by climbing.
She did a lot of research and said that her own wrist was on the mend.

After becoming a judo therapist and interacting with patients, he seems to realize once again that it is difficult for climbers to deal with pain and disability.
Mostly not sick, basically healthy. . So it’s even more difficult to improve.
Extreme story, if you stop climbing, you’ll improve… but there’s no such choice. .

It may not be improved immediately, but I would be happy if you could maintain it while communicating.
It may also be an opportunity to know your body.

Dates in August

8 (Wed) 18:00-21:00
22 (Wed) 18:00-21:00
Last reception 20:30 beta 3F loft free space

Climber x Judo therapist

As a climber, I understand the worries of the climber’s body.

●We will help you build a body that is easy to climb with acupressure and taping suitable for each person!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any worries or fatigue from climbing or daily work.


All include time for counseling and self-care training.
・ Shiatsu 2000 yen
・ Shiatsu + taping 2500 yen
・ Shiatsu + 5 minutes 500 yen (up to 10 minutes possible)
・ Taping only 500 yen

First time discount
500 yen discount or his taping free

About body maintenance

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