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Beta Climbing Gym|Monthly Schedule December 2023

1F full set December 24th (Sunday) – 26th (Tuesday)
We welcome Daisuke Kasahara also known as DK and Mei Nagasako, as our guests. Of course, the entire slab will be created by Mr. DK! looking forward to!
2F/3F is available at a set discount (1,100 yen all day).

Open from 8:00 to 21:00 during the year-end and New Year holidays
From 12/31 to 1/3, we will be open from 8:00 to 21:00 every day. January 2nd (Tuesday) is Men’s Day! Be sure to try it at the beginning of your climb!

[Sotoiwa] Climb end will be held on 12/30 and the beginning of ascent will be held on 1/3
The event will be held at Tennoiwa Rock, Kernel Rock, or Yugawara Makuiwa Rock where conditions are good!
Finish off with a good start at the usual rocky area!

“Monthly Challenge” where you can win your favorite climbing shoes until Saturday, December 23rd.
The period is short this month, so try it early!
Our Kids School is still recruiting!
Fun Class (Thu & Fri): Aiming at making children enjoy bouldering as well as promote physical and mental growth through teamwork.
Sport Class (Mon & Wed): Focusing on enhancing climbing skills, physical strength, and mental attributes like problem-solving, patience, and critical thinking.
Class in English (Tue): The class will be conducted in English. Open to both native and non-native speakers.

■Outdoor Lead Crack & Multi Practice Session

Super Beginners’ Lead Climbing Course: December 10 (Sun) at Mt. Washizu
Lead Climbing Practice Session: December 30 (Sat) at Tennoiwa/kernel rock/Yugawara makuiwa
Weekday Climbing Club: November 12 (Tue) & November 21 (Thu) (Location TBD, we can decide it together)
Crack Practice: October 24 (Sun) at Yugawara Makuiwa
Multi-Pitch Practice Session: November 23 (Sat) at Yugawara Makuiwa Goku Slab

That is all about our outdoor climbing sessions.

Let’s move on to the next topic: Body care.
Taking care of nails, fingertips, as well as the whole body is crucial for all climbers.
We recommend you attend the body care sessions below regularly.

Nail & Fingertip Consultation by Athlete Nail
Scheduled for December 14 (Thu). If you have concerns like cracked fingertips or so, feel free to pay a visit! We also offer all-in-one moisturizing gel at a special price.
Oh…it’s getting colder and colder these days, so make sure to take good care of your fingertips! “Moisturize first!”

Yuitaso’s Body Maintenance
Scheduled for December 13 (Wed) on the 3.5F.
– You can receive treatments without using the gym.
– We will help you build a body suitable for climbing with acupressure and taping based on your own condition!
Please feel free to consult about any fatigue issues or other concerns that are related to climbing or your daily work.

Each session includes counseling and self-care training.
– Acupressure: ¥2,000 => First time special offer: ¥1,500
– Acupressure + Taping: ¥2,500 => First time special offer: ¥2,000
– Acupressure + 5 minutes: ¥500 (Up to 10 minutes)
– Taping only: ¥500

■Indoor Lead Climbing Beginners Class class

The course is divided into two parts. You can attend either but starting with the first part is recommended because you won’t have any difficulty catching up!
■Introduction to Indoor Multi-Pitch Climbing

The course is divided into two parts. You can attend either but starting with the first part is recommended because you won’t have any difficulty catching up!
We also recommend taking the “Rope Ascending” course together with the Multi-Pitch course!

Introduction to Dry Tooling
The number of people preparing for ice cream has increased, and we have been fully booked since last month. Dratu is a fun muscle training. Enjoy it all year round!
If you’re curious or want to start Dry Tooling, consider taking the Introduction to Dry Tooling course.
It’s held every first Wednesday of the month, and this month it’s on December 6 (Wed).

Dry Tooling Top Rope Session
The only opportunity to do Dry Tooling vertical climbing at Beta. Climbing vertically is always fun!
Please stay tuned for this month’s session dates:)

Dry Tooling Dojo (Dry Tooling Practice)
Held every second Tuesday of the month. For December, it will be on October 12 (Tue). Junko Sensei will set a theme, and let’s practice hard!