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Beta climbing gym course |Rappelling course


Rappelling can be used not only for multi-pitch descents, but also for nunchucks and defeat in lead climbing.
Although it is such a convenient technique, there are many accidents during rappelling.
Therefore, please use this course to acquire the correct knowledge and to hang safely.

If you want to rappel in an outdoor field, you can practice at “Lead Climbing Super Beginner Practice Session“. can.
【September date】
9/1 (Friday) from 19:00
9/10 (Sun) 18:00~
9/23 (Sat) 18:00~
9/27 (Wednesday) 19:00~

Beta 3F Shinjuku Face
・The fulcrum of rappelling
・Construction of rappelling system
・Backup system
・Rappelling with various belay devices
・Climbing back up
If possible, it is desirable to have used a belay device for climbing etc.
It’s easier to understand if you’ve used it before.
Yasushi Ozawa (Owner of Beta Climbing Gym)
Minimum number of participants: 1 person
Capacity: 6 people
[Class time]
2 hours
[Course fee]
4400 yen (tax included)
Mandatory: Harness/Climbing shoes/ATC+HMS type carabiner with safety ring/Prusik cord + Oval type carabiner with safety ring/Self-belay cord (PAS/Dual connect adjust) + Carabiner with safety ring/
* Rental available (shoes 330 yen)


If you would like to participate, please apply at the beta store, by phone, or by email.
▼For e-mail: Please send an e-mail with the following address, subject, and text.
◆ E-mail address: info@beta-climbing.com
*Please replace the @ (at mark) with half-width characters.
◆ Email subject: 〇/〇 [Indoor] Rappelling course application
Example: “4/2 [indoor] rappelling course application” ← Please fill in the month and day
◆E-mail text: Please write the following 1. to 7.
1. Your name
2. Gender
3. Date of birth
4. Phone number (Please write the number where you can be contacted on the day)
5. Beta member or non-member (Please write which one. If you are a non-member, please also write your pre-registration number.)
6. Rental availability (if yes, item name)

*If you are applying as a group, please include the names of other participants.

For those who have applied, we will send you an e-mail from Beta Climbing Gym at a later date. If you do not receive a reply within 1-2 days after sending the participation application email, please call beta.

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