Request for Prevention of COVID-19 Infection and Spread

Thank you for visiting Beta Climbing Gym.

In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, we request that you do the following
We ask that you only use the beta if you understand and cooperate with us.

We are working to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but the risk of infection and spread is not eliminated.
Please understand that there is a risk of infection and spread of this product.

● We will limit the number of guests.
 Please note that the number of visitors may be limited and you may have to wait to enter the museum.
 As a rule of thumb, we limit the number of guests to about 1/3 of the normal number of guests, 15-25. (The number of people on each floor will be adjusted according to the availability of each floor.

● Please do not use this service if you are not feeling well.
 If you have any one of the following symptoms: fever, lethargy, sore throat, cough, breathlessness, diarrhea or nausea, lack of taste or smell, etc.

● Please dress for the outside air.
 As much as possible, doors and windows will be opened so that the temperature inside the building will be similar to the temperature outside.
 April was cold enough to require down, and May is already hot with early summer weather.

● Please refrain from making noise, talking or cheering loudly.
 Keep the conversation to the bare minimum. Those who are noisy may be asked to leave the restaurant.

● Group activity of 3 or more people is prohibited.
 Group activity increases the risk of infection, so do not move walls or floors with more than 3 people

● Do not blow on the hold.
 Refrain from blowing on the chalk to make it fly.

● Please wear a mask while in the facility.
 Wear it regardless of whether you are resting or climbing. If you don’t have a mask, please use a neck gaiter, bandana, or hand towel instead. 
 They will also be available at Beta for 100 yen per sheet.

● Please wash your hands and gargle frequently.
 Please be sure to do this when entering or leaving the restaurant, before or after using the restroom, or before eating or drinking.

● Please make sure to keep a distance of at least 2 meters between you and others.
 As much as possible, face the same direction (wall side). Make sure to take full advantage of the space on the floor to open up the distance.

● Please move the floor to avoid denseness.
 To avoid denseness, move to each floor so that there are about 7-10 people on the first and second floors and about 5 people on the third floor.

Our Approach.

● Management of staff’s physical condition
 We will take daily temperature readings, and if a fever is high or low and inadequate, we will take a day off and, under certain circumstances, close the store.
 In addition, we always wear masks and wash our hands and gargle frequently to avoid infection and spread of the disease.

● Open the doors and windows as much as possible for ventilation.
 I’m opening the doors and windows on the north and south sides of each floor to allow for better ventilation, and on the second floor I’m opening the windows behind the roof.
 In addition, the ventilation fans on the second and third floors are in constant operation.

● We have rubbing alcohol available.
 Alcohol for disinfection is available on the first floor tables and at the reception desk. Please use it when you enter and exit the store.

● Disinfectant and antiseptic hand soap is available.
 Disinfecting and antiseptic hand soap is available at the water facilities on the 2nd and 3rd floors, so please wash your hands frequently. It is.

● We disinfect the building.
 Disinfect toilet and changing room doorknobs and stairway handrails regularly with a sodium hypochlorite solution. We have a

That’s all. Thank you for your support.

一部貸切営業のお知らせ 2/2(日) 8時~12時 【2F】貸切営業・【1F】はご利用いただけます。




一部貸切営業のお知らせ 2/2(日) 8時~12時 【2F】貸切営業・【1F】はご利用いただけます。




新年のご挨拶 と お知らせ3件



今月よりスタート、詳細は追って案内しますが、Tシャツ、一日無料券、BCAA/EAA or ソイチャンクが当たります!!

2)会員証アプリBETA PassのAndroid版を公開しました!
BETA Pass Android版でポイントや課題のチェックもできます。アプリでカードレスに!



2019-2020 年末年始の営業について 大晦日All Night!!



12月29日(日)通常営業 8:00~23:00
12月30日(月)変則営業 12:00~20:00
12月31日(火)変則営業 12時~ All Night
1月1日(水)変則営業 All Night~20:00
1月2日(木)変則営業 12:00~20:00
1月3日(金)変則営業 12:00~20:00
1月4日(土)通常営業 8:00~23:00

今年も大晦日All Night営業をします。ひたすら登るもよし、仲間とわいわい騒ぐのもよし、食事、飲み物のの持ち込みは自由、思い思いに2019年の年越しをお過ごしください。