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Beta Climbing Gym Seminar|Dry Tooling Training

This is a training session for dry tooling experienced people.
This is the only opportunity to vertically climb Beta’s face wall with an draytool and a rope.
(Usually, if you use the gym and climb the 3rd floor dry problems, climbing using a rope is prohibited for safety reasons.)

Practice on the route set by the trainer. Practical training is provided under safety management by trainers. This is a training session mainly for those who want to do dry touring and ice climbing training on a regular basis.
Ice and dry are slightly different activities, but dry experience and training will help you improve your ice skills.

If you are new to dry tooling, please take “Introduction to dry tooling” first.

Held on Thursday, February 16!


【Place】BETA climbing gym【3F】
【Time】It will be carried out in two parts
Daytime :14:00-17:00
Nighttime : 19:30-22:30
*The contents are the same.
【Trainer】Mr.Kazuhiro Kodaira(Nickname:Kazuo-san)
Dry Tooling/Ice Climbing Enthusiast/Photographer
【Target】Experienced dry tooling
※Participation must be 18 years or older.
【Capacity】6 people each time 
【Course fee】3000 yen (tax included)
 *Gym usage fee included.
 *Please pay at the reception on the day.
Required: Clothing suitable for ice climbing (long sleeves and long pants that are easy to move in), ice ax, helmet, gloves (recommended for golf), climbing shoes, harness *Don’t forget! !

Rental: Ice ax, helmet, climbing shoes (paid 330 yen/please bring your own socks), and harnesses are available for rental.
*Please rent climbing shoes on the 1st floor before coming to the 3rd floor.


If you would like to participate, please apply at Beta climbing gym or email.
▼In the case of e-mail: Please send an e-mail with the following address, subject, and text.
◆Email address: info@beta-climbing.com
*Please replace the @ (at mark) with half-width characters.
◆Email subject: 2/16 request to participate in the dry touring practice session
* Please write the desired session
◆Email text: Please write the following 1. to 5.
1. Your name
2. Gender
3. Date of birth
4. Phone number (Please write the number where you can be contacted on the day)
5. Whether or not to rent (If yes, please write the rental product name)
6. Beta member or non-member (please write which one)
【Trainer profile】Mr.Kazuhiro Kodaira(Nickname:Kazuo-san)
Dry Tooling/Ice Climbing Enthusiast/Photographer
A rugged yet beloved character. Please play around with it.

※Notice to everyone※
The [3F] climbing area cannot be used by the general public during the course. We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

ドライツーリング練習会 過去の開催