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Beta Climbing Gym| Outdoor Weekday Climbing Club

We support climbers on weekdays!
We hold lead climbing practice sessions every weekday in an outdoor field.
From those who boulder and lead, to climbers who haven’t done much climbing, to advanced climbers who can climb on their own but don’t have a belayer.
The destination will be decided in consultation with the participants.

The climbing area to go to will be decided in consultation with the participants.
Also, even if there is only one participant, we will hold it if you can belay.

Belays and refugees can also use it.
We are taking requests for the schedule, so please let us know if you have any requests.

If you’re beginner,Before participating, please remember the basics of how to tie ropes and lead climbing systems.
If you’re not sure, check out the Lead Climbing Beginners Workshop. *Not required.


【Date in April】
4/11(Thu) Yugawaramakuiwa/crack
4/16(Tue) Tennouiwa
4/24(Wed) Tennouiwa

【Date in May】
5/9(Thu) TBD
5/21(Tue)Multi-pitch Mitsutouge or Yugawaramakuiwa
5/22(Wed)Crack Yugawaramakuiwa or Ogawayama

【Date in June】
6/13(Thu) TDB
6/18(Tue) TDB
6/26(Wed) TDB

Past date Weekday climbing club

This will be decided in consultation with the participants.
Please feel free to discuss top rope, lead, multi-pitch and ice climbing on faces and cracks.
[Place] To be decided in consultation with the participants.
Past locations: Tennoiwa Rock/Kernel Rock/Yugawara Makiwa Rock/Kofu Makiwa Rock/Mt.

[Access etc.] Meeting times depend on the destination. We plan to meet at around 9.00 am at the location. Dismissal is around 17:00 on site. If the crag is accessible by public transport, staff will belay those who wish to continue climbing after the break-up time until sunset.
If the crag is inaccessible by public transport and you do not have a car or other means of access, it is possible to ride in the car with a member of staff (cost split).

[Accompanying staff] Yasushi Ozawa (Beta owner) / Mayumi Niikura (Yamane Club)
[Target]Anyone who wants to enjoy climbing on weekdays, from beginners to advanced climbers.
*Beta membership registration is required. Please register as a member in advance and participate.
*Participants must be 20 years or older.
[Capacity] 8 people (minimum number of participants is 1 person)
*Assuming 2 accompanying staff. If there are more than 9 applications, we will increase the number of staff and increase the capacity.
* If you can apply as a group, we can adjust the schedule, so please contact us.
*Even if the number of applications does not meet the minimum number of participants, if the participants are able to belay, we will consider holding the event with only one staff member.
[Participation fee]
Varies according to content and destination.
Face and crack at crags accessible by train 7,700 yen (incl. tax)
14,300 yen (incl. tax) for multi-pitch climbing at crags accessible by train.
If a car is required, a separate transportation fee will be charged. 
Cancellations are accepted at any time, but if canceled on the day before or on the day, a cancellation fee (100% of the course fee) will be charged.
Please pay the participation fee at Beta store (cash, credit card, PayPay, dPay, Merpay, auPay, transportation electronic money, ID, QUICpay) or in cash on the day.
*If the event is canceled due to rain, the participation fee will be refunded.
* If you are not a beta member, you need to register as a member. Please come to the store and register as a member by the day of the event, or pre-register Please complete . If you have pre-registered, please email us your pre-registration number.
[Insurance] Please purchase insurance yourself.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance’s GK injury insurance (personal life compensation insurance)< /a> is recommended.
, which imports climbing equipment and operates a gym. Seven A is an agency, and the plan in which climbing is covered is explained in an easy-to-understand manner. Please see the PDF brochure.

Required: Climbing shoes, climbing helmet, harness, chalk, drinks, lunch, winter clothing
Optional: Topo (route map), quick draw, leisure sheet, belay device
* Harnesses and helmets can be rented for a fee (550 yen each).
[Clothing] Clothes suitable for climbing (top and bottom)
*The rocky area can get quite cold in winter, spring, and autumn. Please be sure to bring warm clothing such as fleece and down jackets.
[Toilet] There are some rocky areas where there are no toilets or water sources.
Please prepare toilet paper and plastic bags for collecting used paper.
[In case of cancellation] We may decide to cancel due to weather or other circumstances. In the case of cancellation, we will contact you by email or phone by around 7:00 pm the day before.
When applying, please be sure to include a phone number and email address where you can be contacted the day before or on the day of the event. In case of cancellation, the participation fee will be fully refunded.

About participation

Application for participation

If you would like to participate, please visit the Beta store, call, email.
Before applying,Beta Climbing Gym Outdoor Event Participation TermsPlease agree with.
▼When contacting us in-store, by phone, or by email, please provide the following information.
1. Desired date of participation
3.Date of birth
4.Telephone number (please write the number where you can be contacted on the day)
5. Beta member or non-member (please write either; if you are a non-member, please also write your pre-registration number)
6. Harness/helmet/shoe rental or (Please write either)
7.Please describe your requirements regarding the location and content (face, crack, multi, ice) of the event

▼For email: Please send an email with the address, subject, and body text below.
◆Email address: info@beta-climbing.com
*Please replace @ (at mark) with half-width characters.
◆Email subject: 〇/〇 (Example: 2/18 ←Date) [Outdoor crag]●●● Desire to participate (Please write the name of the training session you would like to attend in ●●●Example: Lead Super Beginner Practice Session/ Lead practice session/Weekday climbing club/Multi practice session)

Those who have applied will receive an email from Beta Climbing Gym confirming that the application has been accepted. If you do not receive a reply within 1-2 days after sending your participation application email, please call Beta.

※※※※Please understand that climbing is dangerous before participating※※※※
Please be aware that climbing always involves danger, and participate at your own risk. Especially in natural rocky areas, unexpected things like chipped rocks can occur. A little carelessness can cause a serious accident. During the course, please follow the instructions of the instructor and staff and be sure to maintain safety, whether you are climbing or taking a break.

[Deadline] Applications will close as soon as the capacity is reached.