2/11 (Sat) Introductory ice climbing was held @ Fujimi Panorama Resort Summit Fall

Beta Climbing Gym Workshop/Introduction to Ice Climbing

2/11 (Sat) Introductory ice climbing was held !
As you know, the day before, there was heavy snow in the Kanto region and the Chuo Expressway was closed to traffic, so most people gave up on participating.
Only one person was able to participate!
As a result, participant was supported by two ice climbing world coppers, making it a fulfilling workshop.
We climbed while checking my form and balance, and had a lot of fun with ice fifi experience, pseudo lead, and more.
Icefall is close to the Tokyo metropolitan area and is easy to approach. Since it is a ski resort, you don’t need full winter mountain climbing equipment, making it the perfect environment for practicing climbing.
We will hold it again next year, so let’s all climb up!
It will be held at a little earlier timing.

Also, the two World Coppers who supported us this time, Junko Sasakawa, aka “Ginreikai Mepanna”, and Haruko Takeuchi, aka “Haruko of the World”.
thank you very much!
Beta will continue to support “Ginreikai Mepanna” and “SEKAI NO Haruko-“.
Thank you all for your support!

A shirt from Jim M2 run by Mr. Kwon Young Hye from South Korea, the master of SEKAI NO Haruko-
韓国のKwon Young Hye氏が運営しているジムM2のシャツ

The Ice Fifi brought by Ginreikai Mepanna is fun!

SEKAI NO Haruko- (left) is the Ice Climbing World Cup, 2023 Series, No. 7 in the world> < 世界のハルコー